Risk & Reward

Hosted by William Shatner

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Powered Paragliding is indeed probably the safest form of personal flight ever devised. But dark corners lurk. Risk & Reward exposes where those risks are and how to minimize them. It could save your life, it could save the sport.

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Professionally produced by Lite Touch Films in conjunction with the USPPA, Risk & Reward highlights important concepts that will help pilots have maximum enjoyment of our sport while minimizing risk.

If you are a member, and would be willing to pay full price, that would better enable future quality productions by Lite Touch Films. We are lucky to have this level of professionalism brought to bear on our sport. Your participation in our future is appreciated!

Please make sure to discuss questions with your instructor and other experienced pilots. Thanks for the orders and enjoy!

After over four years, six locations, countless shoots and two recording sessions with William Shatner, this 67 minute packed show is in the can. It involved many, many people in the scripting, filming, and contributed footage.

Anybody currently flying powered paragliders or expecting to start training owes it to themselves to see this. Our intent is to: Expose the risks of our sport and, whenever possible, reveal how to minimize them. You won’t learn how to hook up your risers, that is the purview of an instructor, but you will learn when it’s a good idea not to hook up your risers.

We want to make sure people fly their craft with knowledge of what risks are being taken. Rather than say “Don’t fly low,” it says, “If you fly low, here are the risks and a few simple steps to minimize them.” Having a pilot come to grief knowing the risks is bad; having it happen without even knowing about the risk is a travesty.

William Shatner, a paramotor pilot himself, participated in the project when he cut his parts back in late 2001. While he’s only got 13 flights, he wanted to help spread our message and preserve this awesome freedom.

Phil Russman narrates with music courtesy of a movie industry provider who is also a paramotor pilot. He chose to remain nameless but his contribution was no less important.

Thanks to the many who provided input to the script, video footage and participated in the filming. The credits are long; fortunately they’re at the end!

Hopefully through education we can give pilots the opportunity to become aware of risks that lurk and maybe find out what they need to learn. Through this and other efforts we can preserve our ultimate freedom of powered paragliding.

Jeff Goin

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