USPPA Informational Brochures

BrochurePromoAvailability Note: We have been getting questions as to who can buy the brochures. They are available to anyone, you do not have to be a member and they are free. The intent is to provide them cheaply to the entire community, not just members, since they contain safety recommendations that will serve to preserve the sport for all of us. Just click on the appropriate brochure for a PDF version that you can print out. These brochures are provided as a service for individuals and can be printed for non-commercial use. Our hope is to increase the level of knowledge so that we can better represent ourselves amongst a skeptical public.


Name Description .PDF File
About Powered Paragliding Answers all the common questions about powered paragliding along with a graphic describing the basic parts. Has a space on the back for your business name or school.These are now available for sale:
USPPA Informational Brochures
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Airport Information Brochure Tips for flying from or near non-tower general aviation airports. Brochure-Airports_Page_1
Safety Brochure The most common risks that befall fliers are presented along with some simple ways to minimize exposure. Pilots are encouraged to share these with your flying community. Brochure-Safety_Page_1
Land Owner Brochure Used to familiarize landowners with paramotors. Includes a simple liability release. Brochure-Landowner_Page_1
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