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Tandem Exemption: Wheels

September 23, 2018

All Tandem Instructors who were WL Instructors have been updated to show that thye are now Tandem WL Instructors. Tandem Instructors giving tandem training must have a copy of exemption 9751E and proof of qualification. Both can be done by having an image of the full exemption and an image of your ratings page showing appropriate qualifications on your smart phone. To do wheeled tandems requires being a Tandem WL Instructor.

A tandem FL instructor may become qualified to offer wheeled tandems by getting the PPG 3 wheel launch rating from any USPPA wheel launch rated instructor.

We now have a program for those who want to go through the instructor program using wheels only. That has always been possible but never with the ability to do wheeled tandems so there were some minor changes to our programming and processes.

New wording includes the requirement to include information “provided in the FAA Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge and the Powered Parachute Flying Handbook as applicable to part 103 operations” which our existing published program goes well beyond.

As always, there is no cost to members for access to our training program.

Instructors must carry a legible copy (it can be small, though) of the new exemption with them when conducting tandem operations and, of course, comply with the program. We must wield our freedom responsibly to avoid political pressure that would constrain it again.

For now all of our tandem pilots are footlaunched rated so adding the WL (wheel launch) rating is a viable solution. But eventually some tandem instructors may only certify as WL so we have updated our online ratings software to reflect that fact.

Go here for the latest copy of our tandem exemption.

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