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Training to be an Instructor and/or do Tandems

Experts make powered paragliding look simple but skills and knowledge are quite different than other forms of aviation

USPPA Grandfathering Policy: Accepting Instructors From Other Programs

USPPA policy on grandfathering from other programs & curriculums

USPPA Ratings, Instructor & Tandem Clinics

Ratings and instructor clinics are periodically run by various USPPA Instructors, Instructor Administrators and Tandem Instructor Administrators

USPPA PPG Tandem Program Experience & Equipment Requirements

Click the link above for more information. This program is based on the USHPA concept of having the tandem pilot learn using a qualified PPG pilot as “passenger” before setting out with new students.

Article for Tandem Instructors by Chris Santacroce

Instructor Administrators


Changes have been made in the Instructor Administrator program in an effort to insure our administrators are experienced instructors

The Solo Ratings Program with the latest verbiage can be found here, the Instructor Administrator program is here.

As always, we recommend using instructors who commit to using the syllabus and will take you through the PPG2 rating. Be sure to ask.

Ratings & The Syllabus

Most instructors are already doing using the syllabus for giving ratings, especially since its use is required for students to receive their training reimbursement. But we want to standardize the practice for giving ratings and are now requiring completion of the syllabus for all ratings for which a syllabus is offered.

As of Jan 1, 2009, we will only be able to accept rating applications given on the new form. There is a place for both the instructor and student to acknowledge that the syllabus was used and initialed. There is no requirement to send any additional documentation since it is beneficial for the instructor (for liability reasons) to keep the completed syllabus on file.

Here is the required documents page with appropriate forms.

Thank you for helping improve the standard of quality training in our sport.

Training Exemption For Tandem

The USPPA has been granted an exemption (and subsequent extensions) that allows for foot-launched tandem training.

The latest exemption document can be found here.

SIV Clinics: Good or Bad?

These are also called maneuvers or safety clinics and they intend to let a pilot experience wing malfunctions and other unusual situations under reasonably safe, controlled conditions. They hope to improve your ability to handle such situations in “the wild.”

The USPPA does NOT sanction, certify or endorse these clinics in any way. Most instructors do recognize their value if run professionally by experienced pilots who take appropriate precautions. You must seek out your own source to know whether a particular instructor is suited for any offered clinic.

Also, attendees should understand that serious injury is possible at the clinic but far more likely afterwards if the pilot go out thinking they can do maneuvers, on their own, over the ground (especially low). Before attending a clinic check with your instructor about your experience and appropriateness of what you are considering.

It can be a valuable, fun resource if done properly.

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