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Training Documents (Forms, forms, forms)

These are the documents/pages and processes required for any new rating application. Your help is greatly appreciated by our volunteers! Thanks so much for all you do to make our sport better through training and adherence to safe practices.

All Ratings, Process & Forms:

The current syllabus (no more than 6 months old) must be used and completed for all ratings. This helps the student know that complete training was received and provides significant liability protection for the instructor/administrator.

Ratings applications must be done online through an instructor. They have a special page for administering their ratings.

If the student is getting a PPG 2 rating and does not have a PPG 1 rating, he must go through the PPG 1 syllabus and pass the PPG 1 test in addition to those for the PPG 2. Same for the PPG 3 rating.

For Instructors: Giving a Rating

The paper rating application with temporary ratings card is no longer valid since ratings can be verified immediately after being entered online by the instructor.

Giving a wheel-launch rating? Make sure to fill out the wheel-launch addendum and submit THAT for the rating. Check the appropriate boxes, as always.

The student may also be eligible to receive a training incentive reimbursement for a limited time.

Thanks! You are the backbone of making this sport more enjoyable and safe for all concerned.

Help us out, please, before processing a rating:

1. The applicant must already be a member.

2. You must have gone through the appropriate syllabus and training to the required standards. This is the most important task! If you learn of an instructor who is not doing this, please help improve our instructor corps.

3. He must have passed the relevant online written test(s) with the minimum grade. Old paper tests are not valid because material changes, tests improve. The student must have taken the test and listed their instructor’s email in case verification is required. PPG1 through PPG 3 tests are online. Only the Instructor test is on paper. We do not need a copy of the test.

4. Have a picture of the syllabus signature page, signed and dated by both instructor and student. You will be uploading this. It is the only item that gets uploaded.

5. If giving a PPG1 and PPG2 rating at the same time, the PPG2 syllabus has a checkbox to certify that the PPG1 syllabus was also completed. That allows you to submit only the PPG2 syllabus. The same logic applies to the PPG3 syllabus where you can check the box to certify completing the PPG1 and PPG2 syllabus.

6. Instructor: log into Click on “Add New Student Rating” and follow the instructions. You will be asked to upload the syllabus that you took the picture of earlier. If there is a problem with that upload, finish the online process without it but email the image to our membership administrator at the address listed on home page.

7. For Instructor Candidates, the syllabus may not have a signature block, just sign (admin and candidate) at the top of page 1.

Here are some examples of what is needed regarding the syllabus. It needs to be the current document to insure that current material is being taught. PPG 1 Sample. PPG2 that also includes a checkbox indicating the PPG 1 material was covered. Instructor syllabus signed anywhere by both Instructor and student. This form does not have a signature block, just sign and date it. The extra verbiage is a good idea but not required.

Instructors must agree to the Instructor Commitment.

Tandem Exemption Forms (And Wheels)

Tandem pilots must carry evidence of their current tandem rating and a copy of USPPA’s current lettered version of FAA Exemption 9751 (on your “Instructor’s Only” page) when doing tandems. These must be presented, on request, to an FAA official or USPPA instructor.

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