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Getting Rated: Overview Of the Paramotor Ratings Process

Students or pilots wanting a PPG 1 through PPG 3 rating can go to any current USPPA instructor. All tests must be passed because they build on each other, so an experienced pilot wanting to demonstrate knowledge and skills to a PPG 3 level must go through the PPG 1, 2, & 3 syllabi and tests. For an appropriately skilled, knowledgeable pilot it can be done in a weekend. Pilots who do it typically enjoy the process and report learning some things even if they’ve been flying for years.

Here is our complete Ratings Program (PPG 1 through PPG 3, Instructor, and Instructor Admin).

See also Ratings FAQ for common questions including what instructors can do.

Seek out an instructor who is actively giving ratings.

Here’s More: Initial Training For New Paramotor Pilots

Instructor and Tandem Instructor

To become an Instructor or Tandem Instructor, seek out an appropriately rated Administrator who will take you through an instructor clinic and process.

There is no separate USPPA charge for becoming rated.

Instructor and Tandem Administrator

To become an Instructor or Tandem administrator requires several years of seasoning and significant experience with recognition by instructor peers as someone who can teach pilots how to teach and qualify safe, competent instructors who embrace our standards. Requirements are listed in the Solo Ratings Program here..

Wheel Launch [WL] Ratings

If you have a foot launch rating and want to add a wheel launch [WL] rating, go to a Wheel Launch rated instructor. He will go through the PPG 1, 2, and 3 syllabi, up to the rating sought, working with you to master the [WL] knowledge and skills necessary. For a competent applicant who is already operating at the listed skill levels, the classroom process can be done in an hour and the demonstrated skill portion can be done in one session.

If you’re a FL Instructor and want to add WL to your Instructor, go to any WL instructor to get the PPG 3 WL rating. With that complete, email a request to the office to have your instructor rating be updated to WL Instructor.

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