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Instructor Commitment

Training Standards

As part of the USPPA training program, instructors make this commitment to help ensure their instruction is as safe and effective as possible. This form is signed by every USPPA instructor. It was developed by the training committee and approved by the officers. It has been in place since the outset but is now presented on the web so prospective students and instructors can review it. It is also beneficial for USPPA instructors to periodically review their commitment to quality training.

While engaged in the administration of USPPA programs or ratings, as a USPPA instructor I commit to the following:

1. I commit to understanding and following USPPA training directives, training standards, and guidelines as detailed, updated and communicated by the USPPA training committee.

2. I commit to following any applicable Federal Aviation Regulations.

3. I commit to following training and product trends in the paramotor and paragliding industry by reading articles in publications world wide, discussions with other professionals, and whenever possible, attending fly-ins and trade shows.

4. I commit to sharing information on product deficiencies and improvements.

5. I commit to sharing information and seeking information on incidents and other safety related subjects.

6. I commit to training and issuing USPPA ratings as described in the ratings skill levels with integrity.

7. I commit to using appropriate and modern equipment during training, and that this equipment be airworthy, inspected and maintained to a high standard.

8. I commit to only conduct training in sites where both the student as well as other members of the general public and their property will be put at minimal risk. In so doing this means the choice of a big field without obstacles that may make flying hazardous such as but not limited to: electric poles, trees, hills, water, buildings, ditches, animals, holes, etc..

9. I commit to fully communicating to the customer/student that all training as well as paramotor flight and associated equipment used in the USA is minimally regulated and as such it is up to the pilot in command to accept the risk this regulation brings.

10. I commit to communicating to the customer/student that to the best of my ability and his/her efforts, errors can and have been made in the past and no amount of care will eliminate them from occurring in the future. That accidents resulting in serious injury and death have and can happen, that the details of these accidents are made available as best as possible through our association as well as other associations.

11. I commit to cease training to any or all students that have shown any tendency to put their lives or the lives of others (as well as property) at risk and to do so immediately and as tactfully as possible, I commit to discussing this possibility with the customer/student prior to the start of training.

12. I commit to conduct a pre-course interview and to better understand the student’s needs as well as have reference information available should an incident/accident occur.

13. As a USPPA Instructor I pledge to use professional conduct, good moral and ethical values.

2007 Jan 2 added item 13 USPPA Training Committee.

2017 added reference to adhere to existing Training Standards

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