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Instructor Administrator: Solo & Tandem

This supersedes RatingsProgram-2019a.

These requirements are meant to insure Instructor Administrators have the requisite experience and skills necessary to safely certify new instructors. Like all ratings, instructor ratings must be based solely on the applicants ability to evaluate potential instructors so as to ensure our program is administered fairly.

Instructor Administrator is our most important position and is subject to annual review of the training committee. These individuals are responsible for selecting competent Instructor Candidates who:

  • Embrace our standards,
  • Will work with the USPPA instructor community,
  • Operate first and foremost for the success of their students,
  • Represent and support our training program in a way that reflects well on the profession and organization.

A list of Instructor Administrators is available here.

An administrator’s status will be reviewed by the training committee annually and can be revoked by a majority vote of the committee. The intent is to insure that these individuals are adhering to the program and policies, being fair and not compromising quality. Any revocation must be by a majority of the training committee and may be appealed to the officers. A majority of the officers must agree with the revocation for it to stand.

An Administrator can grant any Instructor rating he possesses.

There is no limiting territory so it doesn’t matter if there is already an administrator in a given locale, new administrators can be appointed if they qualify.


Instructor Administrator applicants must:

  • Have at least 2 years as USPPA instructor, actively teaching.
  • Have been the primary instructor for at least 20 students and given 5 of them their PPG 2 ratings within the last year. Primary instructor means giving at least 90% of all the instruction to each student, including their first solo flight and testing for the PPG2 rating. Up to half of this requirement can be met with other instruction of equivalent value, such as for free flight, at the discretion of a majority of the training committee.
  • Commit to giving at least 1 instructor clinic per year that accepts any qualified applicant regardless of brand or school relationship.
  • Help run an instructor clinic with an existing administrator. This requirement may be waived by the training committee in consideration of the applicant’s equivalent experience (for example, a USHPA  instructor administrator).
  • Be recommended by 1 USPPA instructor Administrator and 1 USPPA instructor.
  • Pass a review by the training committee.


Here is the submission process.

  • The recommending instructor administrator should submit an email to the training committee, via indicating the desire to certify a new Instructor Administrator and listing the applicant’s years of instructor service.
  • The applicant submits a completely new application via email as copied below. Send to so that it’s on file.
  • If the applicant meets all the requirements, but there is no action by the training committee within 30 days of the latest email, the grant of status is automatic.
  • If the Training committee decides the applicant does not qualify they will provide a reason for the denial.

This supersedes RatingsProgram-2019a

Instructor Administrator Application

Copy the text below, add your information to the right (or below) each field, then email it all as directed above.

Pilot Name:

USPPA Number:

Type in “Yes” if you agree to the criteria listed above:

Current Paraglider, Paramotor, or other relevant Ratings (USHPA, Other):


Solo paramotor flights & hours:

Solo paraglider flights & hours:

Number of paraglider students you have soloed (total):

Number of paramotor students you have soloed (total):

Number of paramotor students you have soloed in the last year (must match our records):

Number of paramotor students you have trained through PPG 2 in the last year (must match our records):

(USPPA or USHPA instructors attesting to your readiness to be an Administrator)

1. Name, org (USPPA or USHPA), member number, rating, email address so we can verify with them:

2. Name, org (USPPA or USHPA), rating, email address so we can verify with them:

3. Recommending USPPA Instructor Administrator (Name, member # and Email address):

Change notes:

2021-Apr-20 Removed reference to Instructor Admin PDF and replaced with simple text to be copied. Updated the required information to better align with published requirements.

2021-Jan-14 Moved a requirement from another page to here. Clarified verbiage here to match the moved requirement that only 5 students must have been certified in the last year.

Simplified the verbiage about not having “territories”.

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