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Training Incentive Program

USPPA is putting its money where its mouth is. Solid training is your best bet on safely enjoying this sport for many years. We have a complete program that includes ratings and a syllabus that helps insure you’re learning what’s really necessary. In an effort to encourage use of the program we offer this incentive.

Get Partial Training Cost Reimbursed

USPPA will reimburse part of a pilot’s training cost when they achieve PPG2 or Instructor rating. This is to reward those who don’t take shortcuts that can be, in the long run, so terribly disappointing.

This page supersedes all forms that may be in the field.

How it Works & Requirements

1. Earn your USPPA PPG2 rating from any current and qualified USPPA instructor to be eligible for a $100 reimbursement. Earning the Instructor rating makes you eligible for a $200 reimbursement or $100 if you have already received a prior reimbursement.

2. Submit a reimbursement request form signed by you and the instructor testifying that training was given and the syllabus was used in its entirety.

3. A check will be sent within approximately 30 days to your address as listed in our membership file.

4. The pilot seeking reimbursement must actually pay for training that is equal to or greater than what is claimed on the rebate. It is reimbursement for training actually paid up to the stated limits.

Who is Eligible?

Any USPPA member is eligible.

Funding & Duration

We are using a combination of general funds and charitable donations, the largest of which came from the Parastars club in 2006. The program will continue until funds devoted to it are depleted or as directed by the board.

If you are interested in promoting training by contributing to this program, USPPA can accept tax-deductible donations for this purpose. Thanks for your help!

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