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Schools & Training

Quality training is the most important investment you will make. It improves your likelihood of success with the least chance of injury or equipment damage. Learning is already risky, but self-training, “free,” or otherwise inadequate training is far, far riskier. Seek out competent, thorough instruction. One way to tell if an instructor is thorough is if (s)he uses the syllabus and goes to the trouble of granting ratings.

As of 2018 our materials align with the FAA’s PHAK (Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge) to comply with stipulations in our Tandem program.

Instructor Complaint? We have a process that starts with the specifics of your complaint including supporting information. Please go here to see the process.

Schools / Clubs

Our Commitment: Help people select the school that best serves their needs

Go here for a list of schools, instructors, and instructor administrators.

SIV Courses

This type, of course, will guide a pilot through various wing malfunctions and other maneuvers so that he can know how to recover if they happen in flight. These are listed on the Resources page. If a PPG training school also offers SIV courses then it will be listed on their school information as well as the SIV courses section.

Ratings Expiration

Expired ratings are only valid and verifiable with a current membership. Ratings may be re-instituted within 3 years of membership expiration with proof of the rating using either a membership card that listed the rating or the original rating document signed by the instructor. A photo of the documents is normally OK if it’s easily legible.

After that date a pilot must go through an instructor to earn ratings through the regular process.

Ratings Verification

If a third party needs to verify your rating Have them go here where they can enter your member number and last name to get a list of your ratings.

For a rating to appear, the instructor must have submitted appropriate documentation and it has been approved by a volunteer who checks it for accuracy and completeness. If you have a rating that is not showing up contact your instructor or administrator.

Transition From Other Organization (Grandfathering)

If you are instructor certified through another organization, meet our experience requirements, and would like administer USPPA ratings, we have options. Visit Accepting Instructors From Other Programs page.

Submit Club/School

There is no charge to add a PPG club or school to the USPPA Directory. To add your organization, please login to the Member Services area. If you are not a USPPA member, please contact the webmaster.

Edit Club/School Listing

Click here to edit your club/school listing online.

Instructor Administrators

These are experienced instructors who put on Clinics for Instructor candidates. If you aspire to become an Administrator, go here.

Here is a list of Instructor Administrators

500 Westover Dr. #2384
Sanford, NC 27330
866-37-USPPA (87772)