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These are printed or other materials and internet links that can be useful to pilots and potential pilots. It will be updated as new items are added.

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Brochures & Other

You can now download safety and information brochures ~ They’re designed to be folded and are professional looking.

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Aerolight.Com Flight suits, Paraglider Harnesses, Reserves, Accessories
Airman PPG Helmets Helmets
Air-x.Com Flight suits, Paraglider Harnesses, Tow Bridles, Accessories
AmericanParagliding.Com Harnesses, Com Helmets, Reserves, Helmet Bags, Flight Decks, Books & DVD’s
BigAirParagliding.Com Books, Accessories
Cloud 9 Paragliding Harnesses, Reserves, Stuff Sacks, Flight Decks, Instruments, Books & DVDs, Hardware
EpicSessions.Com T-shirts for pilots
Flymaster-Usa.Com Variometers, integrated GPS-varios and motor management electronics
FlyPPG.Com Communications: InterComs & Other aids
FlyOhio.Com NAC Helmets, Windsocks and Poles,  Accessories
MojosGear.Com Web-based retail of jUst about everything PG and PPG related.
ParaglidingUnlimited.Com Flight Suits, boots, ‘biners, emergency chutes, harnesses, helmets
Paragliders.Com Flight Suits, Paraglider Harnesses, Reserves, Accessories
Paratour.Com Importer Cameleon Throttles
PowerGlider.Biz Importer DiGiFly flight instruments
PPGStrobes.Com Distributor for PPG strobes
Super Fly Reserves, Paraglider Harnesses, Accessories
TowMeUp.Com Manufacture hydraulic Payin/Payout winches, Tow Bridles, Tow line, Glider stuff sacks, tree rescue kits. Carry other accessories.
TxFlySports.Com Flight suits and other gear.
Us Wing Nuts Importer Quest XC flight Computer

Books, Videos (DVD’s)

Paramotor City Glider Shop Wing Tips, video about wing maintenance and what to expect on an inspection. By Michelle Daniele and Kirk Sellinger.
FootFlyer.Com Instructional book The Powered Paragliding Bible and general introduction video “Meet Powered Paragliding”
LiteTouchFilms.Com Instructional videos and “Why We Fly” documentary on a Mexican adventure.

General Interest Links

AeroCorsair.Com Inventions and Motor Maintenance Information
Aircraft Spruce Propeller Leading Edge Tape (3M™ Polyurethane Protective Tape 8804)
AirHeadCreations.Com Videos about Powered Paragliding from Jeff Goin and others.
AmericanWhitewater.org Landowner insurance Laws by state. Describes what a landowner is liable for when allowing recreational Use of his property. For our purposes, the less the better…more likely to get permission for Use.
BigAirParagliding.Com General information for paragliding (free flying), incident database, flying tips.
ExpandingKnowledge.Com Information and tips on paragliding. While the focUs is on free flight there is a wealth of knowledge for pilots whether the paraglider is powered or unpowered.
FeatherLIGHTPPG.Com An interesting photoblog and record of PPG experiences, featuring the photography of Christopher Pine.
FootFlyer.Com Information and media (DVD’s, books) about powered paragliding.
LiteTouchFilms.Com PPG and PG Videos covering events, Training, Surviving and Enjoying
Mark’s Paragliding Pages Web videos, educational articles and pictures.
Online Sectional Charts A source for high-quality sectional charts. http://naco.faa.gov/index.asp?xml=naco/online/aero_guide
ParamotorInfo.Com General information on the sport of Powered Paragliding
ParamotorRadio.Com Interesting podcast with industry news, product reviews, interviews, regulatory interpretation, and opinions.
ParaglidingUnlimited.Com Videos, books, accessories, etc.
Para2000.org Information on nearly every paraglider wing made
ParaFreedom.Com Information on repairing carbon props and other things. By member Bud Wruck.
PoweredParagliderRadio.Com Podcast about Powered Paragliding by Jeff Goin, Michael Purdy and Bob Armand
PPGTruth Information relating to powered paragliding.

Paramotor/Cart Importers/Manufacturers (Go to schools for local dealers)

Adventure Paramotor Sales, training, service, importer of Adventure Paramotors.
AeroCorsair.Com Corsair series of motors (engine only), parts and service incl. Black Devil
Aerolight.Com Paramotor Importer: Fly Products, Sky 100
Air-x.Com Paramotor Importer: Mantis
BlackhawkParamotors.Com Paramotor Manufacturer: Blackhawk Paramotors
FlyOhio.Com Paramotor Importer: Spirit Paramotors
OlympicPPG.Com Paramotor Manufacturer: Hercules PPG
Paradrenalin.Com Paramotor Importer: Nirvana Systems
ParajetUsA.Com Paramotor Importer: Parajet Paramotors
KangookUsA.Com Paramotor Importer: Kangook Paramotors
ParamotorKits.Com Paramotor Manufacturer: Kits and Completed units
Paratour.Com Paramotor Manufacturer: SD
PhoenixPPG.Com Paramotor Manufacturer: Fantom Paramotors
PPGplans.Com Paramotor Plans Company and Information Source
Rultralightusa.com Paramotor Manufacturer: R.ultralight
TrikeBuggy.Com Paramotor Cart Manufacturer: Trike Buggy
SouthernSkies.Net Paramotor Importer: Fresh Breeze
Us Wing Nuts Paramotor Importer: Pap

Props (not including OEM – see your dealer for those)

MojosGear.Com Mojos Gear (Adventure, La Mouette and Cloudbase)
OlympicPPG New Props and prop repair (wood & Composite)
ParaglidingUnlimited.Com New Props for Solo 210, Simonini mini2 PlUs (wood, Composite)
PowerFin.Com Ground AdjUstable pitch Composite props for most motors
TN-prop.Com Tennessee Propellers (La Mouette)
SouthernSkies.Net Carbon Fiber and wood propellers to fit Fresh Breeze and others motors
UltralightProps.Com GSC Systems (Nearly all PPG motors)

SIV Clinics (Maneuvers Or Other Specialized Training)

There is no certification program for these types of training clinics and this list is not an endorsement either of the school or the merit of maneuvers training. We do, however, only list schools whose instructors are UsPPA or UsHGA certified.
FlyTorrey.Com SIV clinics, about 3 per year
www.air-x.Com SIV clinics, about 3 per year
Super Fly SIV clinics, about 3 per month

Services (Parts, Repair, Specialty Products)

(For training see “Schools & Clubs“, for prop repair, see Props above)
Extremeair.co.nz SIV Courses (advanced maneuvers recovery course)
Paramotor City Glider Shop Paraglider Wing Inspection & Repair
MojosGear Paraglider Wing Inspection & Repair
Cloud 9 Paragliding Paraglider & Harness Inspection and Repair, Reserve repacks.
Paratour.Com Paraglider & Harness Inspection & Repair
Ripstop Repair Tape Paraglider repair tape
RisingAir.Biz Paraglider & Harness Inspection & Repair
Southwest Airsports Information on how to assemble, tune, and service a paramotor, including complete overhaul
Superfly Paragliding Paraglider Wing Inspection & Repair, Reserve repacks
The Ultralight Place Paramotor engine repair/rebuild including Top 80, Simonini, Black Devil, others
TowMeUp.Com Alumininum & Other welding,
WillsWing.Com Paraglider Wing Inspection & Repair

Wing Importers & Manufacturers

Aerolight.Com Importer: Apco wings
Air-x.Com Importer: Pegas Axis and Fenix wings
AmericanParagliding.Com Importer: Ozone Paragliders
Paratoys.Com Manufacturer: Paratoys wings
Paratour.Com Importer: Axis wings
Paragliders.Com Importer: Ozone, Sol wings
ParaglidingUnlimited.Com Importer: Nirvana Systems wings
PowerGlider.BizITVUsa.Us Importer: ITV wings
FlyOzone.Com Importer: Ozone Paragliders (Cloud 9 Paragliding)
SouthernSkies.Net Importer: Fresh Breeze Naja wings
Superflyinc.Com Importer: Gin Gliders, Advance Paragliders and Nova Paragliders
TxFlySports.Com Importer: MacPara MUse and Eden wings.
Us Wing Nuts Importer: Ozone Paragliders

Weather Related

FAA.gov/asos FAA listing of recorded weather telephone numbers around the Us. These are the ASOS and AWOS sites that report current weather.
Weather & Sectional Charts Gary Brown has put together a fantastic Combination site for weather AND on-line sectional charts.
WeatherToFly.Com More than you ever dreamed to know about weather as it pertains to flying. Many valuable links from here too.
Weather.Com Turbulence Very General Turbulence Plot for Aircraft
UsAirNet.Com Launch weather forecasting tool tailored specifically for hang glider and paraglider pilots.

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