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Updates regarding training



March 31, 2015

All three PPG tests, 1 through 3, have been updated and uploaded to a new service that will bring back online testing so that USPPA instructors can offer this for their students.

For now the tests are being reviewed by volunteer instructors to look for errors, especially since the questions and answers have been updated.

The new service will allow instructors to print paper versions of their tests if they choose to go over them in a classroom environment. Graphics are displayed/printed beside each question that uses them.

Questions will now better reflect some of the changes in paramotoring over the last few years and more improvements will be made now that we have regained the ability to update and add.

One change is that tests will now be a maximum of 35 questions chosen at random from a bank of questions.

If all goes well the tests will be available by Mid April, just in time to have finished your taxes and moved on to more interesting endeavors!

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