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List of Schools, Instructors & Instructor Administrators

USPPA advocates for quality training and recommends choosing a USPPA or USHPA certified school that fully embraces the ratings program. There is no additional cost involved but their instructors have demonstrated significant skills and experience to earn their ratings. Plus the USPPA instructors have agreed to a set of standards (the Instructor Commitment) that are beneficial to the student’s safety both during training and afterward.

Any school that suggests the training for a non-PG pilot can be accomplished in a couple of days will likely be inadequate…most reputable instructors say that 5 days is a minimum to become a competent beginner solo pilot (PPG2) level without the precision landing special skill. Of course initial solo can happen in less time but that does not make a pilot.

The intent is to help folks select the school that best serves their needs. USPPA makes no claim as to the accuracy of the information in this list. We do the best we can but it mostly comes from the instructors and schools themselves. Most are honest and report the information accurately.

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