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Student Feedback: How Was Your Training?

Our goal is thorough, safe training. There are many ways to carry out and every instructor has different situations, not all of which are ideal. But they must all train to the same standards.

If you got a USPPA rating, please let us know if an instructor did not train you the listed standards using the full syllabus. Did they make sure you:

  • Got through the PPG 1 syllabus first?
  • Got to the flying skills and knowledge listed the Ratings Program documents?
  • Flew at least the number of times required of the rating?
  • Demonstrated landing and other skills at least to the standards listed?

If not, please let us know!

My Training May Have Been Lacking Or Dangerous

If you feel your training was substandard in any way we want to know about it. There is process, described under Policies Regarding Ratings that must be followed and requires written documentation through email using It will be addressed confidentially so that the instructor does not know who is raising questions but we must establish that you actually got training from him/her.

In order to act on any feedback we must have your name and USPPA member number (which will be kept confidential), the dates of your training and what seemed substandard.

Thanks for helping us improve!

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