Powered Paraglider Competition

Primarily this is a way to add another layer of enjoyment for those who aspire to such things

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Novice Class

USPPA Scoring System: If you would like to either hold a competition or practice on your own, it can be very helpful to know exactly how you will be scored. One good way to so is downloading the spreadsheet and entering your numbers along with some sample pilots that you might fly with. Download Scoring Spreadsheet

A Novice Class is available for organizers. It is anyone who has never placed (first, second, third) in a regular competition. Once a pilot places in the top 3 he/she is considered a “pro” and can no longer compete (score) in Novice competitions. Pro pilots are encouraged to attend, help out, offer advice, and fly in Novice competitions and will be timed but their scores won’t count for position.

The requirements for running a Novice competition are lower. There still needs to be a director and lead judge but they can become qualified by passing an online test. They still must enter the results into our scoring spreadsheet since the results will be published on USPPA. Novice competitions don’t count towards national standing since they are intended as a starting point for pilots who are curious about competition but may prefer less stress.

A Novice competition pilot has fewer requirements than a national competition for its leadership. “Pro” pilots can fly in novice competitions but their scores will not be part of the published numbers nor will they count for national points.

Sanctioning Rule Change

The Competition Committee has voted to change the notice requirement to 90 days. USPPA will still help with, and even list on its site, competitions using the USPPA scoring system but, if they don’t have their request in by 90 days prior then they won’t be eligible to count for national standing.

This was done to allow pilots to plan their events since travel is essentially always required. Otherwise, an event could be scheduled on short notice (the previous minimum was 7 days) and it would be nearly impossible for non-locals to compete in what could affect national standings. The Competition Rules and Task Catalogue will be changed accordingly.

Why Compete?

Primarily this is a way to add another layer of enjoyment for those who aspire to such things. Many enjoy improving their skills and then comparing their efforts with fellow pilots all over the country. Secondly, it makes for a more enjoyable spectator activity as pilots stretch themselves and do precision tasks that sometimes surprise the un-initiated (and the initiated as well).

Pilots should also be keenly aware of an increase in risk during competition. Whenever the primary focus leaves the simple act of flying safely, there is added risk. Additionally, pilots are doing more demanding maneuvers, closer to the ground, and with the additional personal pressure of wanting to do well. This is why a minimum experience is required.

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