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Policies: Organizational

These policies are intended to further guide the volunteers who run the day-to-day aspects of the organization

As per the bylaws, these policies can only be changed by large majority of the membership or agreement of the executive officers.

School Listings

The USPPA schools list is maintained primarily by the schools themselves except for the status of “Approved.” To be listed as Approved, the school’s Chief Flight Instructor must have a USPPA Instructor Rating and must be at the schools listed training address more than half the days the school offers training.

When a school’s status changes, we ask that it be updated or removed, as necessary, from the database. We try to keep the list updated but sometimes the data ages.


All content either on the web or in printed matter should adhere to these standards.

Reviews must only be produced by someone who has sufficient experience with the product being reviewed to understand it thoroughly. The reviewer must not stand to have any financial gain from the sale of the reviewed product unless that is stated clearly in the review.

Articles on New Products may be submitted either from the vendor/manufacturer or an individual familiar with the product. Their submission should not be conditional on the inclusion of advertising. Any product deemed of interest to the community will be included based solely on that interest. This is not meant to deter seeking advertising from that vender, only to prevent inclusion to be dependent on the presence of advertising.

Format for Submission

Magazine content should be submitted in Word with minimal formatting. Each paragraph should only have one paragraph end character (which is inserted whenever you press the Enter key). Please do not hit two RETURNs between paragraphs – these must be manually removed by the editor.

Payment For Content

We are thankful for the community’s support and growth of the organization. It has afforded us the ability to reward our authors for their time and continue receiving quality content while encouraging more. Starting with the December, 2005 issue of our Magazine we will be paying for content. Officers are excluded from eligibility to get paid as it is an expected part of their contribution. In order to receive payment, articles must be submitted to the USPPA via email by clicking here. Articles may be submitted to UltraFlight for directly but will not fall under the payment plan (Ultraflight may or may not pay for them).

Authors will be asked if they are willing to let the organization put their pay into funds for future projects that may come up. Otherwise, material published in the magazine will be paid for at the following rates:

1. $20 per written page, or fraction thereof, where a full page is considered to be 800 words. Due to advertisements or graphics, there may be two or more actual printed pages for one paid page. The calculation may also be done using 45 words per column-inch which equates to 18 column inches per page. The rate is then $1.11 per column-inch.

2. Published photos will be paid at $5 for large and $3 for regular ones that are published. After any cropping, size is determined by the length and width at 300 dpi (printing resolution). Large photos will have a length and width that add up to more than 11″. If you have a great photo that captures something special, please include it. If we use it, even at a small size, it will be paid for.

3. The maximum paid out for any article (including pictures) is $100.


The USPPA does not promote, endorse or recommend any one brand over another. Even sponsorships are not an endorsement as to the quality, appropriateness or usability of any brand or service nor should they advertised as such.


Policies on ratings have been moved to here.

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