1. Training Update

    April 9, 2015

    Learn about the Trimmer Speedbar Interconnect.

  2. Speedbar Trimmer Interconnect

    Many, if not most, competition pylon racing wings are now coming with, or have an optional Speedbar Trimmer Interconnect (STI) system. It is intended to put most speed control, including trimmers, in the speedbar. Basically, pressing the speedbar activates the speedsystem AND lets up the trimmers. As this is a test question on the new […]

  3. Soar the Shore 2015

    April 6, 2015

    Our Fall flying event @ Campbell Field Airport, Sep 10 – 13, 2015. Camp In / Fly In. Bring your camper, tent, PPG, PPC, PG, Tow, Ultralite, Motor Bike, Cooler, BBQ Meat, etc The flying is amazing down at Campbell. Ocean 1.5 miles East, Bay 1.5 West. For those that attended Soar the Shore 2014 […]

  4. Spring Wing 2015

    Campbell Field Airport, May 21 – 25, 2015. Camp In / Fly In. Bring your camper, tent, PPG, PPC, PG, Tow, Ultralight, Motor Bike, Cooler, BBQ Meat, etc.. It’s going to be another awesome fly-in and fun weekend. Just Google Weirwood Virginia and the pin will pop up right near the field. Please invite others […]

  5. 8th Annual Indy Air Hogs Fly-in

    Thursday, Sept 10th to Sunday, Sept 13th, 2015 2527 S Lake Rd S, Scottsburg, Indiana 47170 This fly-in is limited to PPG’s (including those with carts) for this event (sorry, no PPCs or other ultralights without prior approval). Rules are common sense, and there is no ratings requirement. No flying permitted without a signed waiver, […]

  6. Competition Registration & Schedule

    April 3, 2015

    The only scheduled sanctioned U.S. Competition is happening on a huge expanse of grass. The “Endless Footdrag” again is providing the perfect spot. Come join us. It’s also a great opportunity to try your hand at precision flying, maneuvering and learning from fellow pilots. Practice on Friday evening, May 22. Competition on May 23, 0630am […]

  7. Members Website Down Temporarily

    April 2, 2015

    Our member services host has reported that the internet squirrels powering our site have left and they are looking for them. The problem has, apparently, affected most or all of their websites. Sorry for the inconvenience while our website is being attended to.

  8. Paramotor event raises $6000 for Charity

    April 1, 2015

    On behalf of the entire fly-in committee, I want to extend our sincere appreciation for your registration and attendance. The non-profit Palm Bay Paramotor Fly gives 100% of the proceeds, after expenses, to support the Palm Bay Police Department’s Victim Services Unit and the Police Explorers. Every penny spent – to purchase a cupcake, water, […]

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