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2009 World Air Games Results

June 10, 2016

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The U.S. Paramotor Team has a respectable result for their first-ever entry | Original Press Release
The pylons are packed, scores tabulated and pilots back in their respective countries. It was an emotionally charged contest that provided the drama one would expect when pilots put their best efforts forward. It was an incredible blast, an enormous undertaking, stressful and rewarding. The July Issue of UltraFlight magazine will have coverage and pictures.

Congrats to all three pilots, Jeff Goin, Chad Bastian and Stan Kasica who just returned from their 10-day Italian mission to represent our country. David Rogers and his wife Carmen gave much-appreciated help as crew members.

This was a highlight of the pilots experience in paramotoring. Hopefully others will choose to represent the U.S. and let shine some of the talent we have to offer.

Thanks to those who contributed. We were able to offset their travel expenses by just over $600. It means a lot to the pilots.

Jeff Goin has a webLog at and Chad Bastian has one at

Below is a summary of the final results with equipment as of June 19, 2009. Here are the Official results from FAI’s website. A complete, more readable summary of these results can be found as a PDF on, which includes scores from individual tasks.

Note: The June 19th revision changed 7th and 8th place.

2009 Competition Results from World Air Games

2009 Competition Results from World Air Games


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