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Risk and Reward Reviews

What pilots are saying about the movie…

“I Received Risk and Reward. I’ve watched it at least 4 times..
don’t laugh.. Its pretty darned good…You and Jeff Did an outstanding Job.”
– James M. 11/3/2005

“I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am with the two DVD’s I received yesterday. I will watch them over and over again. I am sure I will be a better pilot because of them. I will also be able to impress others the safety issues so necessary to enjoying this exciting new hobby. I will seek out more knowledge and then proceed in obtaining instruction.”
– Marc C 11/3/2005

“What a terrific video! This is just what our industry needed.
It really covers all the basics in 90 minutes. Great job!”
– Scott Hall

“I have watched R&R several times.  Being a PPG pilot for almost 2
years, I still learned a lot.  Funny thing is, one thing in the video (loose brake handle going into the prop) I didn’t think could really happen.  Well, it happened to me 2 weeks ago. I don’t doubt any of it anymore.
Well done”
– “Twister”

“I just saw Risk and Reward.  Congratulations Bro!
That is one of the better PG videos I’ve seen produced in my opinion.
Ever thought of doing one for Paragliding?”
– Kevin Lee, California

“I watched the DVD last night and the presentation of the information is
excellent. The content is excellent. The narrative is very clear and easy
to understand. The diagrams are very helpful. Honestly, there is something
in this video for everyone — not just PPG pilots.
…I highly recommend the film because it does an excellent job of creating
awareness of the countless variables that most new pilots (and other pilots
too) just don’t stop to consider. Essentially, it addresses the age old
issue of “you don’t know what you don’t know.”
– Jayne DePanfilis, Colorado

“Just thought I let you know “Risk and Reward” is excellent, from beginning to end. I’m sure it will serve the PPG community well. It should be viewed by even the most experience pilots at least once a year. It is great to bring safety tips back to a conscious awareness from time to time. This entertaining film is a fun way to do it…a reminder that flying a powered paraglider is as safe as you care to make it!

So here is to keeping the Gremlin on the wagon! (ed: you’ll know what he means when you see the video)

Thanks again”

Lenny Stella, Illinois

“I ordered the training DVD “Risk and Reward” from in the US.
They air mailed it straight away. It is brilliantly and cleverly filmed,
interesting throughout and the instructional content is comprehensive.
I can’t imagine a better PPG training DVD — especially for beginners like myself.”
– Jos Weemaes, Australia

“It truly is the highest quality, most professionally
and cleverly done PPG (or PG, for that matter) DVD I’ve ever seen. Well Done!!
As a new comer to the sport I found it’s instructional
content very, very helpful…it is Brilliant!”
– Lee Lynn, Australia

“Awesome production! Stunning photography! Excellent narration!
Thanks for all the hard work!”
– Steve Boser, Florida

“You did a fantastic job on the DVD, Great job guys.
I loved the downwind demon, He sure made me laugh when he was on the screen.”
– James Zeman, Michigan

“I just got finished watching the new Risk & Reward DVD, and I am very impressed!
This will be ‘Standard Equipment’ with every PPG pilot training we do from now on.”
– Chad Bastian, California

“I just finished watching the Risk & Reward DVD.  Off the charts!!!

I can’t imagine it being done any better, and I learned a great deal.

You can be sure that it will save many injuries and perhaps lives.

I have ordered copies for all my students.”

– Jerry Starbuck, Virginia

“A must-see for all PPG Pilots and Wanabees!”
– John Fetz, Arizona

“Congrats Guys, A perfect balance of what a pilot needs to know
and why a new student needs a good instructor. Well Done”
– Jeff Baumgartener, Wisconsin

“If you must only see one video on powered paragliding, this should be it.

It could save your life”

– Jeff Goin, Illinois

“Risk & Reward has given me hours of great entertainment
and I have also learned a lot after seven years, Great stuff!”
– Hans P, Sweden

“I was just watching the Risk and Rewards DVD and found
it to be very helpful. I am flying a paraglider and hope to buy a
paramotor soon”
– Gudjon, Iceland.

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