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USPPA Launches All New Website

February 4, 2015

The USPPA is proud to announce the release of it’s all new website. The organization wanted an increasingly efficient and streamlined web experience yet one that was also more comprehensive, robust and expandable. The end result is the site you see before you, a product of the extensive efforts of the organization’s officers and contributors. 

Our hope is that the information inside this website finds it’s way to you in an easy fashion, no matter what you’re purpose for being here is. If you’re looking to learn about  USPPA Training programs, be sure check out the “Schools & Training” page where you’ll find an easy to follow chart outlining the process under “How to Get a USPPA Rating.” You can also find information about instructors and schools close to your area by clicking on either one of the directories under “Schools/Clubs.”

If you’d like to learn more about the Organization itself be sure to click “About the USPPA” where you’ll find information about the officers, committees, and other positions within the organization. Additionally, there’s also information concerning Member Benefits, the USPPA’s Mission & Bylaws, it’s Policies, and Vision.

We look forward to your feedback on this new website. Feel free to send comments by email here: info@usppa.org

Thanks again for your continued patronage to the USPPA. The organization only wishes you the very best in your paramotoring.


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866-37-USPPA (87772)