USPPA Accident Investigation Team

A new Accident Investigation Team has been formed to help the PPG community learn from accidents

The USPPA has committed up to $3000 per year for two years to form and maintain an accident investigation committee.

The hope is that, if there is sufficient opportunity to learn from an accident, and we are allowed access by those involved (pilot, family, authorities), that we will fly one trained individual to the site to gather evidence, bring back photos and other evidence to the committee, then work to establish probable cause and contributing factors; the goals of which are to make future training recommendations and other helpful improvements where needed.

The new team, put together by Christopher Pine, is Chaired by Dr. Ed Lowder who will be attending formal accident investigation training at either Embry Riddle Aeronautical University or the NTSB. While he has only been paramotoring since 2012, his background in medicine, forensics and military accident investigation make him particularly suited for the job. He will be assisted by Chris Santacroce, Phil Russman, Chad Bastian, and Eric Dufour. Others will be asked to contribute their input as needed.

At present no funding requests are being sought as there is enough reserve but, if it proves to be beneficial to the sport then we may seek separate funding to keep it sustainable or be expanded.

We are motivated to do this since neither the FAA nor NTSB investigates ultralight accidents which limits our ability to learn and therefore adjust our training materials to reflect real life safety concerns.

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