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USPPA Ratings, Instructor & Tandem Clinics

Earn a Pilot, Instructor, or USPPA Tandem Rating

There is more than meets the eye for paramotor instructing. Ratings and Instructor clinics are periodically run by various USPPA Instructors, Instructor Administrators and Tandem Instructor Administrators.

The program uses the USPPA Instructor syllabus. Those interested in Instructor ratings should already be PPG3 pilots or be able to demonstrate PPG3 skills. You may do it all at the same time but it will take extra time. Written testing can be done mostly in advance to help the process.

When we have no clinics scheduled, administrators can run them without posting here and frequently do, especially for one-on-one training.

If you are a paramotor instructor through another program, you may get credit for that experience, at least in part, through USPPA Grandfathering. One aspect you’ll be glad to see is that USPPA currently has no charge for access to its ratings program, including the tandem exemption. We see it as a way to encourage thorough training and an investment in the secure future of our access to flight.

Becoming an Instructor

It’s way more than just a rating. It’s valuable tips and techniques that will help make you more effective. You will learn the best practices to help your students quickly learn, survive and thrive in this vulnerable time of their education.

Over the years a lot has been learned about what works and what doesn’t. This clinic will improve your instruction by sharing that wealth of information along with earning your instructor rating for those who qualify. 

You’ll appreciate the course as much as your students will appreciate you having the knowledge.

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