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USPPA Grandfathering / Transitioning Policy

Proposed USPPA policy on grandfathering from other programs & curriculums (2019.02.14)

This concerns Instructors and Tandem Instructors who wish to transfer to the USPPA program. We appreciate your interest, and want competent people who share our passion to help graduate capable, knowledgeable pilots using a meaningful ratings program.

To Become an Instructor

Applicants must:

  • Have all the skill and experience requirements for a USPPA Instructor (See Solo and Instructor Ratings Program).
  • Be recommended by two USPPA instructors, one who vouches for their pilot skill to PPG 3 standards and goes through all USPPA syllabuses through the rating sought, being satisfied that the applicant has familiarity with, and is a match to our program.
  • Pass the written tests appropriate to the desired launch discipline (WL or FL). Any wrong answers will be reviewed by the recommending instructor.
  • Have the approval of an Instructor Administrator to bypass any or all of the Instructor clinic and apprentice.

To Become a Tandem Instructor

A tandem instructor from a recognized organization can skip the full tandem clinic but must:

  • Become a USPPA Instructor prior to starting the Tandem Instructor process and pass the applicable Tandem written tests.
  • Have logged all the required experience of a Tandem Instructor.
  • Have two written (emailed to USPPA instructor recommendations, at least one must be from a Tandem Instructor who is willing to vouch for the applicant’s skill as meeting our requirements.
  • Go through the Tandem Syllabus with a USPPA Tandem Instructor to understand our program.
  • Have the approval of a Tandem Administrator to skip any or all of the Tandem Clinic.

Current Verbiage On Grandfathering

Note that it is not legal for a USHPA tandem pilot to do powered tandems under the USHPA tandem program. This has been clarified by the USHPA.

For an active USHPA instructor with over 100 logged motor hours and/or 100 flights, the Instructor Administrator can waive:

  • 8 hours of the clinic, or
  • all of the clinic requirement if the applicant is 1) recommended by another USPPA instructor (in addition to the one recommendation already required) and 2) applicant receives approval of the training committee.
  • All of the apprenticeship requirement.

An active PPG BFI (ASC/EAA) with over 100 logged motor hours and/or 100 flights can waive:

  • 8 hours of the clinic requirement and
  • all of the apprenticeship requirement if recommended by another USPPA instructor that states he should be allowed to waive the apprenticeship requirement (a total of 2 recommendations).
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