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Powered Paragliding Simulator

The USPPA Simulator Project

Apr 30, 2006

Many accidents, especially for new pilots, can be prevented through intense simulator training on emergencies and other more mundane situations that experienced pilots handle with little thought. We believe it important for every instructor to use a training device that provides their students a sufficiently realistic experience that will allow them to react to situations that may be encountered in their first few flights.

The preliminary plans for a lightweight, portable simulator that incorporates individually moving risers and brake pressures are complete. A prototype is being built and modifications will made as necessary. The idea is for it to be very quick to erect and put away but be strong enough for a 250 lb pilot and 100 lb motor. These will be produced and offered to USPPA instructors for at or below the cost of production.

The top piece, which contains the risers, bungees, and brakes, will be offered separately for those who already have the A-frame part. We have gotten donations, discounts and volunteer help to make these particularly affordable.

Other quality simulators are available immediately for sale (we are not connected with the companies). If you have a simulator that is for sale and meets our requirements, we will happily list it here. It must:

1) allow displacement of each riser independently,
2) allow activation of a speed system,
3) allow activation of the trim system,
4) allow weight shift to at least 4 inches of riser travel with 70 pounds of differential pull,
5) provide brakes with increasing pressure during pull,
6) have actual paraglider risers (or a close approximation) with trimmer and speed system connections (speed system using Brummel hooks),
7) Assemble within 1 minute without requiring tools
8) Weigh less than 40 pounds, including support and,
9) Come with everything needed (except support) to use it.
If your simulator meets these specs (or the vast majority), we will put a link to it here. The following are what we have to date: Zuba

Download Prototype USPPA Simulator Plans (77k PDF File)


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