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Updates regarding training


PPG 2 PL (Precision Landing)

December 1, 2015

After getting instructor input the Training Committee changed the PPG 2 landing requirement to better reflect what instructors are seeing in the field. They found that new students are almost universally unable to comply with the spot landing requirement of consistently landing within 40 feet of a target, power off, from at least 300′ within even their first 30 flights. That power-off landing requirement is now 100′, a value that instructors find is realistic.

The 40′ spot landing is now a special skill, PPG 2 PL (Precision Landing). So a student can get his PPG2 rating but will not likely get the PPG 2 PL sign off until gaining experience and then, at a later date, demonstrating the PPG 2 PL skills. He can do this demonstration to any USPPA instructor. That instructor can sign him off online and no syllabus submission is required if ONLY the special skill is being added.

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