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Updates regarding training


Instructor Recurrency Course Material

October 20, 2020

Francesco DeSantis has been working with a number of different schools and is willing to step up and help write the course material that will be used for our long-approved/funded/programmed instructor recurrency program.

Once in place, we will turn on the already-programmed instructor currency. Meaning that instructors will have to pass this test every period (currently every other year) or whatever the training committee decides is appropriate. Not passing the test will put them on non-current status and they will not be able to administer ratings and will not show up on the public USPPA instructor list.

It is intended to be a short course (roughly 2 to 3 pages of 800 words per page with illustrations, if used) of material on a web page followed by a test through QuestBase.

It should include material about best practices gleaned from our instructors like those below. Input from the Training Committee and other instructors will obviously make it a better product.

  • What works?
  • What doesn’t work?
  • What has proven to be risky?
  • What has proven to be effective?
  • Business practices that are not acceptable?
  • Recommended business practices?
  • Legal considerations.
  • Other subjects pertinent to being quality, professional instructors.

Thanks for any assistance you can render!

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