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Updates regarding training


Instructor Clinic: May 2017

April 12, 2017

USPPA Instructor Clinic

Location: Arkoma, OK (Endless Foot Drag flying site)

start of Clinic: 8:30am, 25 May 2017
end of Clinic: 11am, 28 May 2017

USPPA Instructor Admin: Francesco De Santis, Member #43 short interview about the Admin:

– over 25 years experience flying paragliders/paramotors
– full time paramotor Instructor from April 1994-May 2009, 2009 onwards part time
– particular specialty tandem foot launch, scooter towing
– areas of limited expertise: acro flying, competition, new technology in radio wi-fi equipment.

Cost of the course: – depends on number of participants
– 3 minimum participants needed to hold the course, $425 each
– 4 is ideal number of participants, $400 each
– 5 max number of participants, $375 each

Prior requirements: – familiarize with these pages:

Training to be an Instructor and do Tandems

– If you are PG instructor with USHPA, and have paramotor experience then contact me for any concerns

Contact Info: Francesco De Santis
phone: 773-295-2131 (Skype)
Skype ID: Ucanfly2

500 Westover Dr. #2384
Sanford, NC 27330
866-37-USPPA (87772)