Updates and general posts relating to the FAA, Part 103, regulatory, etc.

  1. Tandem Exemption Renewed

    September 23, 2020

    The USPPA Tandem exemption 9751F has been renewed for two years. This was closer to the wire than we’d like, in spite of the renewal being requested earlier than last time. FAA personnel are working from home which slowed the process down, but we were in contact in the last weeks and they came through. […]

  2. Tandem Exemption: Wheels

    September 23, 2018

    All Tandem Instructors who were WL Instructors have been updated to show that thye are now Tandem WL Instructors. Tandem Instructors giving tandem training must have a copy of exemption 9751E and proof of qualification. Both can be done by having an image of the full exemption and an image of your ratings page showing […]

  3. Exemption Denial

    July 18, 2015

    Read more about the FAA’s Exemption Denial here.

  4. FAA Exemption Request Denial

    The FAA has denied our request for an exemption of FAR 103.1 to allow wheeled tandems saying that, among other things, they are no longer going to approve exemptions of definitions. So if we want to apply for a wheeled exemption, it would have to be under the Light Sport Rules. This also implies that […]

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