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It is Finished!

Thanks to the many who both made it possible and enjoyable. This was the largest Parastars event to date with the most vendors and pilots. And again, it was a record breaking event (see below).

Coverage of the extravaganza is offered up as a somewhat personal account of Jeff Goin's experience organizing it. See "Event Coverage" which will eventually be moved to the NewsRoom Events page.

Breaking Records

In the sky over Fantasy of Flight in central Florida 103 pilots winged their way into the Guiness Book of World Records. This new effort easily flew by the previous Guiness record of 78, done at last year's Parastars convention.

A culmination of conditions, pilots and planning paid off. Winds died down to very light and variable, making it difficult for some to alight. When the record was set there were still about 10 gliders on the ground who didn't get up in time.

Eric Dufour, who organized it along with many past records, says that breaking 100 has been a long-time goal - with that met he will now take a break from the task.

Congratulations pilots, you are now part of history! 

Parastars Video!

Phil Russman of LiteTouch Films has captured some gorgeous video of the event and is now working on turning it into another masterpiece.

Besides the many launches and landings, a number of oopses also landed on his lens. Additionally he will have coverage of the USPPA competition held earlier at Fly-By Ranch.

It will both give some feel for what the event is as well as offer viewers the opportunity to see the latest in the sport and, even better, watch it fly!

You can purchase the video at www.LiteTouchFilms.com.

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