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2015 Officers and Membership Meeting

March 15, 2015

The 2015 Officers meeting, held at a residence in Melbourne, was extremely productive, positive and resulted in some reachable goals. These should, among other things, support our instructors better and improve the quality of training being offered to the public.

Thanks to the Palm Bay Athletic League who hosted the 2015 membership meeting that had some very good, productive and, at times, lively discussion on a variety of topics.

Action items included:

– Policy and oversight of the Incident Database which is currently managed by Alex Donaghy who will remain in that capacity. We now have a safety committee, temporarily staffed by the existing officers, to decide on disputed incident reports.

– Updated safety brochure value of new equipment and training.

– Look at if and what should be placed in the comments field for instructors when issuing a rating.

– Look at recurrent education for instructors starting with some form of online course. The reason is that new information comes out, new techniques, new equipment, new risks and so on. We should have a way to convey this information to our instructors so that they can incorporate the new knowledge into their training program.

– Feedback rating of instructors. This was unanimously approved of by all the instructors present. In fact, the only objection raised was the possibility for abuse which, indeed, must be managed.

All these things must be discussed further and decided on. They may or may not be implemented depending on training committee input, cost, and if we then feel the changes are worthwhile.

Thanks to all who attended for your positive input.

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