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Powered Paragliding

Top 10 Tips | Brochures | Wheeled Tandem PPG

Here is the scoop on flying a powered paraglider. Need an instructor? Here is a list of certified schools. Powered Paragliding is the simplest, most portable, affordable, and possibly the safest way to fly for funóbut be leery of disappointing and sometimes dangerous sales information. Heavily marketed hype is a sure sign of questionable information.

Wanna be a Tandem Pilot?  |  Ready to Buy Gear? |
Instructors That Give Ratings |
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Flying the Green Swamp near Lakeland, FL. Still extract from video by Robert Baldwin.
Got a cool picture? send it to
Tim Kaiser. Past Feature Photos.


Risk & Reward, The Essential DVD

It is the essential DVD for aspiring Powered Paragliding Pilots. If there's only one DVD you see about PPG, Risk & Reward with William Shatner should be it! Our sport is probably the safest form of powered recreational flying but there are risks. Thankfully, there are great ways to reduce those risks, too. Details | Reviews.


A number of USPPA logo'd merchandise items are available for purchase from the USPPA Store.  You can see pictures and make purchases on line. Sales of these items help support our mission of helping the sport.


Community Forums

Join in a public discussion group for all subjects related to Powered Paragliding: the PPGbigList (moderated) or PPGList (un-moderated). USPPA membership not required nor does USPPA have any control over them.

Be ready for candid, sometimes aggressive discussion of various topics. Even the moderated forums can be lacking in tact, at best!


Membership includes 10 issues of Powered Sport Flying magazine coverage. Don't miss another issue!

This About PPG Brochure answers most common questions. You can download and print it or buy professionally printed versions here for $15 per 100.

Poll: Had a motor out? Vote | Archive

Don't Fly Here: TFR's: FAA | AOPA

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